Its a brave new world – but be a little scared

Everything I need to know about trust I am learning through the directives of my dog – Tucker. Trustworthy is defined as, “worthy of confidence” by Merriam-Webster. Societal norms that we hold dear are based on history of trust and tradition. Modern marketing is an offshoot of these norms. They know what’s best for us don’t they? They wouldn’t lie to us, would they? No hysterics here. Trust is earned or in Tucker’s case, sniffed out! The problem is, through all their marketing regalia, trust isn’t a factor any longer and we lack the sixth sense to know if we’re being inexplicably duped or genuinely considered. My dog Tucker is one good judge of character I’ll say. Albeit, nutty as a fruitcake most of the day, if an individual with less than the amount of character he or she should hold ventures into his space, its game over. The jig is up. How does Tucker do that and how do I do that?

With a booming new economy and a rebirth of technology where business to business handshake deals have been replaced with a swipe to the left, deciphering who should be trusted or not has become increasingly more difficult; almost impossible except for what we’re told and read and that’s the case in point, how do you know? Marketing is algorithms, limited eye contact at purchases and simple gratitude for services rendered lay now at that the bottom of the deepest wishing well. In addition, quick jab Yelp reviews now define your company’s character and future. It’s insanity.

Tucker still believes in a good old fashion sniff to the pant leg to size up your integrity. Now we can’t do that or can we? We shouldn’t go bravely and millennially a head in this world with naiveté, forfeiting trust in everything we are. Quick transactions although efficient at times, miss the mark with confidence, which should be at the forefront of any purchase or decision. You wouldn’t buy something you didn’t trust will work, would you? Peter Falk, famed TV Star – Columbo Detective made this line famous, “One more thing…” I think if we slow down our roll, still embracing this new world, but with caution, we might learn something about ourselves and our purchases. Hell, Tucker knows I’m going to feed him, walk him and when. He’s already sniffed out my trustworthiness. I’m not suggesting we buy with a scarcity mentality but if we continue to feed into the mass-hysteria that the powers to be know what’s good for us and concede our trust without question or good old-fashioned research, we’ve traded trust for bust.

Sniff a little is all I’m saying.

Cara’s Story

Cara Insurance Agency was started on the premise that there was a lack of service and initiative in the insurance business, and we wanted to fill that void. Only being contacted by my insurance advisor once a year at renewals was unacceptable to me and should be to you as well. We believe in strong relationships with our customers. Your treated like family, not a policy number. We want you to understand your coverage and how it works for you, that’s really important. You’re not a paycheck to us, you’re a client and treated like family. We’ve partnered up with the Nation’s leading preferred carriers, innovative and specialty lines risk services to be able to provide you with the best coverage imaginable. We specialize in all Insurance needs but with a major focus on Commercial Business Insurance.

We encourage you to look at other companies and then give us a try. You will not find the service comparable. It’s what we do.

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