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Well, finding anything affordable these days especially in California is a miracle on its own. Finding an insurance policy to protect your livelihood shouldn’t really be a cheap experience. When your doing your research, keep in mind insurance companies ratings. Do they have any? A low-rated business insurer says it all. Meaning, their carriers may not carry an AM Best rating and that could spell trouble for your business. Also to consider, policy limits. If your premiums seem to good to be true, it’s probably because the carrier pays only a portion of its claims. Meaning, less coverage than you needed and when you really need it. Be sure the agent or agency is thorough, example: Inclusions are events that your policy covers and exclusions are ones that are not covered. Be sure you’ve been able to explain to the insuring body your businesses needs and make sure you know what’s covered. A cheap BOP policy isn’t a good idea if what you needed covered, isn’t. 

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